BLACK MEN LOVE ANIME was created by Eric "Dprince" Bush.  Like other 90's babies he's always had a knack for anime & cartoons - Dragon Ball Z, Cow & Chicken, One Piece, Doug, Naruto, Dexter's Laboratory, etc.  While able to find a plethora of outlets regarding the love of anime & cartoons in general, he was never able to find or locate a place where African-Americans like himself could congregate & share their own thoughts on these types of shows from their own unique, cultural perspectives.  If confused, a real life example would be when a young Eric & friends were watching Dragon Ball Z.  An evil villain talked for the whole episode without interruption from the protagonist. Afterwards, Eric and his friends joked - "Man if that was us we would've jumped this fool & came back home before the kool-aid gets drunk all up from the fridge." 

SO, he created his own space...BLACK MEN LOVE ANIME. A place where African-Americans (and anyone else for that matter), can submit videos, memes, GIF's, anything really, as long as it's in good taste and has value that you think other's would also find the value in (laughter, thought-provoking, etc.).


 If submitting material, see the SUBMIT page.  Feel free to add your comments, thoughts, views, etc., with whatever you're submitting as well if you want to voice them..we will do our best to include it in your submission should we accept it.